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Sept. 25, 2008 – English 8, 10


Here’s a quick short story for you.  We’ll call it, “Mr. Brammer and the Case of the Lazy Fingers.”  It goes a little like this,

Once upon a time (what a quality introduction) there lived a greatly feared and greatly loved king, Mr. Brammer.  All throughout the land people quaked with fear at the site of the king.  Yet, the people also felt a great kinship towards their leader.  They never knew how they would feel until the feeling had already come. No matter what, their feelings always resulted in fear or love, but one day they experienced a new feeling: confusion.

Mr. Brammer had always provided for the extra needs of his subjects.  This meant that like most kings he would take care of the basic, day-to-day needs, such as instruction and grading, but he would also go further than his fellow nobleman of the land by providing extra daily communication through the kingdom’s grand blog portal.  However, for nearly an entire week King Mr. Brammer did not blog and his royal subjects did not have that extra communication that they had grown accustomed to.

When one of the king’s pages inquired unto the king as to why the kingdom blog’s pages stood empty for the entire week, the king’s only reply could be the truthful one: the king had developed a very bad case of lazy fingers.  No matter how hard the king would try, the king could just not try very hard because his fingers were so lazy fingers. In fact, the more he fought the laziness, the more lazy his fingers became.  And so, because of his lazy fingers, the king’s subjects grew weary in their need for extra information.

Coming to the rescue of the king and the kingdom people was the Great Set of Yomahat and his side kick Mo who gently reminded the king of his people’s need for information.  For this good deed the Great Set of Yomahat and his side kick Mo were rewarded the much sought after crimson quill and silver clipboard with which they could go on to correct the world with.  And after this time, the King Mr. Brammer always remembered to post to the kingdom’s blog portal or at least until it migrated to after the kingdom’s holiday.

The end.

Here are the handouts from this week:

Active and Passive Voice

Active and Passive Tenses Chart

Simple Present / Present Continuous (and others)

The Present Perfect Continuous

Use Already and Yet in Verb Phrases

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Sept. 17, 2008 – English 8, 10

Practicing and Performing

Today we practiced getting the stories down to four minutes (in 8th) and the first set of students performed (in 10th).

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Sept. 16, 2008 – English 8, 10


An anecdote is a type of short story where you tell of a personal experience.  Today we practiced presenting an anecdote to the class in preparation for telling your stories later this week.  I told the story of the day that I met my wife.  A few of your classmates also got up and tried to do a story.


Read over the Basic Techniques for Story Telling handout gave out yesterday and practice telling your story four times in front of a mirror and once in front of someone.  Remember to follow the scoring guide to know what is expected and what you should concentrate on.  If you struggle heavily with English, then practice more than those five times.

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Sept. 15, 2008 – English 8, 10

Story Telling

Today we began our last week in the unit on Short Stories.  We spoke of the upcoming assignment (challenge) of telling your story to the class, either on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday according to Mr. Brammer’s schedule.

For the assignment today you were to fill out an outline of your short story to help guide you through the story telling process, read over the scoring guide, and read also the handout on the basic techniques of telling a good short story.

Here are the handouts given:

Basic Story Telling Techniques

Scoring Guide: Story Telling

Story Telling Outline

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Sept. 15, 2008 – Humanities 8

Climates of the World

Today we started a project on the different climates of the world.  For your homework, please use the chart of climate codes and the map included below to color in your own map of climates.  Remember to include a legend and to label with a word each climate at least once.

To view the picture fullscreen, please click on the image below:

Here are the other handouts.  Right click and click “save as”.  Alternately, you can download the files from the box at the right.

Koppen Classification Chart

The Koppen Climate Classification System

World Climate Map

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Sept. 12, 2008 – English 8, 10


I think some of you have misunderstood me.  You only need to post a comment by tonight telling me that you are editing your story. Don’t email it to me until it is ready. You have all weekend to perfect it.

Final Draft: Short Story Template

Here is the download for the final draft of the short story.  Just replace the text with your own.  It is pretty self-explanatory.  Let me know if you have any questions using the comments section.  Have fun!

Short Story Template

Just click the link. You can also find the file using the file system in the right sidebar that I added.  I will be adding all of our files there for easier navigation.

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