Aug. 1, 2008 – Eng 8, 10, & Hum 8


Today was the first day of classes. We played the game “Two Truths, One Lie” to learn about one another. We all learned that Mr. Brammer enjoys flying glider planes but has never piloted his own airplane.

We covered the course syllabus, class expectations, and had a nice talk about wearing the school’s uniform appropriately.


Read through the course and bring the required supplies (one plastic folder, one notebook, pens & pencils, paper) to the next class session.

Extra Credit:

The first extra credit assignment is to register for this blog by leaving a comment below about what you hope to learn this year in class. UPDATE: This extra credit assignment is CLOSED.


Syllabus – Eng 8 , Yearly Plan – Eng 8

Syllabus – Hum 8 , Yearly Plan – Hum 8

Syllabus – Eng 10 , Yearly Plan – Eng 10


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  1. 1

    L a z z said,

    Hi sir! This is Lasmyr from 8A.

    This year, I would like to learn to perfect my grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I would like to learn to read in a group too. That’s for english. For humanities, I would like to know more about certain countries that I like (such as Philippines, Japan, Korea, Germany, etc.). I’d like to know more about places too.

    Yay!! I did extra credit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 2

    calvc said,

    Hi Mr. Brammer
    Im Calvin.C from 8A
    This year I really hope that we can learn A lot about poetry and how to make them. because I’ve never learned English Poetry before.
    Also even though we learn geography I hope that we can still learn a little bit about history because I like world history.
    Well see you in Monday

  3. 3

    elbert8a said,

    mr brammer, this is elbert. I would like to lean many things, but most of all, i really hope to improve my writting. I always finish with something that is ununderstandable. i have to reexplain to teachers about my work. I hope u can help me throughout this year.

  4. 4

    spencer8a said,

    Hi, Mr.Brammer… I’m Spencer from gr.8A..

    These are my hopes :
    – I can learn moreabout the locations of the countries on earth (which I am sooo bad at..)
    – I can learn other people’s culture around the world
    – I can improve my English, from all aspects (reading, listening, speaking, and writing)

    And I hope I can go through your class with good mood, always..
    Coz well, you’re 1 of my favourite teacher. I like your rules.

    Thanks a lot. God bless you and family always…

    – Spencer C.-

  5. 5

    jiwon8 said,

    hey Mr.B
    I’m jiwon from 8th grade
    nice teaching today^^

  6. 6

    so young said,

    Hello~ Sir!!!
    This is so young form 10th grade k k
    I was so glad to have you as my english teacher.
    I hope we could be really close to each other.
    i’m sure this year is going to be really suffering
    but I hope I could end up this year well with your help
    thank you~~~~~~~~~~

  7. 7

    jiwon said,

    hello Mr.brammer
    I’m Ji Won from the 8th grade
    maybe you will not remember me because you didn’t call my name and even didn’t ask about it.^^
    It’s okay, maybe on Monday you’ll figure it our! haha
    thank you for sharing you games today, and your “rules”
    it was quite strict, but I hope I will follow all of your rules during this whole year.
    anyway, thank you for today’s lesson
    have a great weekend!

  8. 8

    I hope I study about english grammer because my english is bad.
    I hope I study how to use the map well and learn more about geography.

  9. 9

    meredith said,

    yo mr. B. i wont b coming 2 skul any mor, bt what i wuld hav wanted 2 learn dis year wuld hav been a wider range of vocabulary. > _ <

  10. 10

    choi min joo said,

    hi, mr. brammer^^

    In this academic year I hope i can improve my vocabulary and grammer, so

    I’m hoping that this year I can learn more on writting and vocabulary.

    thanks and see you on monday~~bye^^

  11. 11

    Wili 8B said,

    hi.. Mr.B….
    is this xtra crdit real?????
    well… this is my comments about what to learn in you class this year:
    – I would like to learn more vocabulary…- try to make it easier first and then keep moving on to the hard ones
    – I would like to do a movie analisis…great movies… ok???
    – I would also like to learn about making great stories, like a short book..
    i think that’s enough …
    thanks.. have a great day mr.B!!!

  12. 12

    seo young said,

    hello, sir!
    i don’t think you’ll remember me..
    first, thank you for your strick rules…
    i can see that this year will be a very busy and hard year for me..ใ… ใ… this academic year, i am expecting to learn how to write a story or an essay and also learn more vocabulary.
    i think i will not wait for your class…haha^^;;
    but i’m really sure that i can improve my english with you!
    –thaks. G.B.U–

  13. 13

    limwy said,

    hello, sir….
    I hope can learn more vocabulary…

    Thx & see u 2mrw…^^

  14. 14

    younju0302 said,

    hello Mr.Brammer
    i am younju from 8b the one who hate to read books
    I hope i can learn many vocabulary from your teaching
    and i want to learn more about grammer and writing
    thank you for teaching me!
    see you tomorrow, god bless you

  15. 15

    William [BiLL] said,

    hello Mr. B..
    this is William from 7A..
    the one you called Bill…
    i expect that we can learn more about grammer…
    because to tell u the truth…
    my grammer is not getting better after all these years…
    and also i expect that we can learn how to make an essay…
    because i think essays will be very important in the future n nowadays..

    I think thats all sir…

    God Bless U

  16. 16

    -JB-8B said,

    Hi mr.B~~i am JB~~what u said this afternoon makes me think alot about it….and my conclution is that what u said is absolutly right….i like what u have taught us today…my e-mail address is what is ur favorite food in taiwan??

  17. 17

    joshua8a said,

    sir, this is joshua from 8a.

    the first thing i want to say is ‘wow’ because of your strict rules
    and you put the and homework in your blog..

    and also, i want to know more about geography and improve my english in all aspects. i hope that you can help me with that..

    ok, i think that’s all..
    (oh ya, the learning outside the class today is soo fun!)


  18. 18

    davidcmcmcm said,

    Hello Mr.B!!!
    I am gr.10 Park Jae Wook
    it was a big surprise when I know that you was a bodyguard before…
    Well… God has good plans for our Gr.10 and that’s why God has sent you to us…

    And I want to learn many things of course…
    -English skill (speaking)-
    i need this thing!!! because i am not so good in this part…

    well…it was a good time with you sir…

    -GBS- ํ•˜๋Š๋‹˜์˜ ๊ฐ€ํ˜ธ๊ฐ€ํ•ญ์ƒ ๊ณ์— ์žˆ๊ธฐ๋ฅผ

  19. 19

    Christian adi said,

    hai mr.b my name is christian, hope we can cooperate well. thanks

  20. 20

    Hello Mr.Brammer, WOW! I think this blog will help a lot, especially for extra credit.hihihihih
    I hope that we can learn more about the writing techniques so that the outcome of our writings will be better and better, and also I’m not really good in definition of words and I hope I can learn more vocabulary to improve my English. That way I can get good scores in several lessons that requires to write.
    I’m looking forward to learn..
    “God Bless you”

  21. 21

    Evan Brammer said,

    Sharon, thank you for the good comment! It is well written and can serve as an example to everyone about how to post good posts.

    Mr. B.

  22. 22

    citra kindangen... said,

    hi sir….
    are you serius that we can got an extra credit???
    if yes oke…
    ~i hope this year we can learn more about vocabulary…
    ~i thing this year i`m expecting to learn how to make a good essay…
    ~i can learn about culture all around the world…

    thx sir~

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