Aug. 5, 2008 – English 8, 10

Update: The purpose of freewriting is to help a writer to get their writing muscles exercised. It is not realistic to just sit down with a blank piece of paper and pump out a masterpiece. Just like we must stretch before we run, we need to stretch our minds before we write.

We will be beginning each and every class session with a 5-10 minute freewriting session. Come prepared to write.


  • This technique involves continuous writing, usually for a predetermined period of time (often 5, 10, or 15 minutes).
  • Writing is done without regard to spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc., and no corrections are made.
  • If the writer reaches a point where they cannot think of anything to write, then they write that they cannot think of anything, until they find another line of thought.
  • The writer allows himself or herself to stray off topic, and to just let their thoughts lead them wherever they may.

Focused Freewriting

  • At times a writer may also do a focused free write where a chosen topic structures their thoughts.
  • Expanding from this topic, their thoughts may stray to make connections and create more abstract views on the topic.
  • This technique helps them to explore a particular subject before putting their ideas into a more basic context.

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7 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    min joo said,

    hey, mr. brammer!!!! i really enjoied today’s class^^

    the freewritting was really fun and i enjoied so much^^

    see u tomorrow

  2. 2

    calvc said,

    Hi Mr. Brammer…
    Thanks for the lesson today. It was really FUN and I really enjoy it
    Especially about the Freewritting
    Well see you tomorrow (on English & Geography)


  3. 3

    Spencer Christian said,

    Hi, Mr.B..

    I agree with Min Joo’s opinion about today’s lesson.. I really love it..

    By the way, I hope we can learn how to write better through your lesson..

    1 more thing, I agree with you that free writing makes our mind “goes” and clear to write something else (story, etc.).

    Thanks, and God bless.

    – Spencer Christian, 8A

  4. 4

    William [BiLL] said,

    so, do i need to make it 1 [freewriting] ????
    if not…
    my mum ask me to slep hha

  5. 5

    Evan Brammer said,


    No you don’t need to do a freewrite. Today we just learned how to do them. Tomorrow when you come to class, be prepared to do a freewrite then. And your Mom is correct. It is time for bed!

    Mr. B

  6. 6

    Hyun Woo said,

    Mr. Brammer, I love freewriting. Because it is exciting and I can practice the english writing skll. ^_^ I hope that next work also interesting thing. see you

  7. 7

    so young said,

    Hi Mr. Brammer~~ thank you for the presentation.
    I really love free writing ^^ i will try my best and i hope
    my writing skills increase a lot thank you~~

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