Aug. 20 & 21, Humanities 8


From now on only for Humanities I will not be giving you all of the vocabulary words up front.  Instead, as we encounter the words in our learning, I will tell you which words to write on your vocab sheet.  When the whole sheet is filled in, turn it in.  Nothing has changed for English, this is only for Humanities. Remember that the Humanities words may not be found in a dictionary, so for the “actual definition” use the definition that I provide in class.

From today: human-environment interaction and movement

The Basics of Geography: Interaction & Movement


  1. List three different ways each (totalliny nine) that humans depend on, adapt to, or modify their environment.
  2. List three different ideas/products/customs that your home country has borrowed from another culture.

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    Wiliyanti Sutanto 8B said,

    mr.B, where is the vocabulary for Huma???

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