Sept. 3 & 4, 2008 – Humanities 8


The links below have been fixed to point where they’re supposed to point.  Sorry about that. ~ Mr. B

North America: Map Work – Major Rivers and Landforms

Today we did some map work on the major rivers and landforms of North America.

Each student needs to draw and label the following rivers:

Brazos, Churchill, Colorado, Columbia, Fraser, Mackenzie, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Rio Grande, St. Lawrence, Yukon

And Major Landforms:

Alaska Range, Appalachian Mountains, Brooks Range, Canadian Shield, Cascades, Coast Range Coastal Plain, Continental Divide, Great Plains, Rocky Mountains , Sierra Madre Occidental, Sierra Madre Oriental, Sierra Madre del Sur, Sierra Nevada

You can find the map here (download it here) and the handout here (download it here).

Extra Credit

I will give a few points extra credit to anyone that takes the time to color their map a little.  Make it look nice.  However, make sure you focus more on content then on beauty.


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    Jason Lim 8A said,

    Mr. Brammer.

    I found a problem with the link. When I click the link of the handout, what comes out is the map paper.

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