Sept. 12, 2008 – English 8, 10


I think some of you have misunderstood me.  You only need to post a comment by tonight telling me that you are editing your story. Don’t email it to me until it is ready. You have all weekend to perfect it.

Final Draft: Short Story Template

Here is the download for the final draft of the short story.  Just replace the text with your own.  It is pretty self-explanatory.  Let me know if you have any questions using the comments section.  Have fun!

Short Story Template

Just click the link. You can also find the file using the file system in the right sidebar that I added.  I will be adding all of our files there for easier navigation.


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  1. 1

    Wiliyanti Sutanto 8B said,

    Mr.B, I have finished doing on my final draft right now and I have sent it to your e-mail.

    Thank you,

  2. 2

    wanying said,

    Mr.B, I almost finish my final draft.
    I will send you as fast as possible.
    maybe tomorrow because I can’t online at night.

    Thank you

  3. 3

    Jae Wook Park, Wyatt said,


    i am very sorry to ask you about this, but can you tell me what is your e-mail adress???

    please tell me sir!!!

  4. 4

    Citra kindangen said,

    sir…i`am editing my final draft now.
    i will sent it to as fast as i finish it.
    maybe i`ll sent it tommorrow…

    thanks sir..

  5. 5

    Peter gunawijaya 8b said,

    In the 18th century lived three teenagers. Two were good, but poor. The third was rich but dishonest. The poor teenager’s names were Pete and Kevin and the rich one, was named Willy. Willy is a good looking guy and wealthy and Kevin and Pete are a nice teenager but poor. Many students know Pete and Kevin because they were friendly to the others but, Willy was known as punk
    The school popular student was Kevin and Pete the friendliest teenage. Willy’s gangs were jealous with Pete and Kevin. They decided to have a competition with Pete and Kevin. “Hey let’s make a challenge with them in sport to get our popularities” said one of the Willy’s gang. They sent Pete and Kevin a letter. The letter says “meet us at the school gym”. “Hey should we come?”Asked Kevin. “Yeah why not” replied peter. Then Pete and Kevin accept the challenge. At the gym, they were deciding the sport for 7 next seven days. ”ok, the sport is basketball, soccer ball, swimming, running, tennis, karate and wrestling but, if we count that we really win or lose and no sport will played again and the loser must give their popularities to the winner” explained Willy. ”ok we accept the challenge” answered Kevin.
    The first competition was basket ball. At the last minutes, Willy injured Kevin because the team was about to lose. The second day it’s the soccer competition. Before the match was started Willy” I need to win this match so we can win faster” to the team .Willy’s team injured the sub player from Kevin and Pete team and Pete also. But Kevin played with 10 and they lost to the Willy team but, their fighting spirit didn’t decrease and Kevin team wins. Now the score was even, 1 and 1. “Hey your team was cheating.” Pete and Kevin protested. ”so what, that’s your problem” Willy replied. The next competition was swimming competition. Before the race started, “If we are about to lost, we make them sink and before that, let’s kidnap 50% of Pete team” cried Whispered Willy. ”Why not, that a good idea” replied Willy friend. Luckily, someone heard that and told to Pete Team. “Hey, I heard someone wanted to kidnap your team” told the stranger. “Thank you” Pete replied. And then Pete team became strict but Willy but Willy does the sink plan. The next competition was running. ”hey let’s injured Pete when he was about to win the match” cried Willy. Pete was kicked by Willy when Pete was almost winning the match near the finish line. Willy’s team wins again. “Ah, that’s too much” said Pete. “Are you scared? Let’s make the next match score double.” “Ok, who’s scared?” replied Willy.
    The fifth competition was tennis.”I have an idea” tell Willy to his team. “Let’s make the ball that we can control” Willy suggested to his team. “Ok” replied his team. Willy pays to the engineer to make a ball that he could control. Pete and Kevin played a double game. They couldn’t play well because the ball was under control by Willy. “Ah they are so cheating, any idea to hit the ball? Asked Pete. “Yes, we need to listen to the wind sound” answered Kevin happily. Kevin is a smart player so he could hit the ball. Kevin and Pete team is saved by Kevin. The next day Kevin and Pete needed to be serious to make everything normal.
    The sixth competition was karate. Pete and Kevin was discussing about Willy’s team. “Hey we need to be serious on Willy team. They may have a cheating game tomorrow” told Kevin. “Yes” Pete replied. Yes Willy had a cheating plan again. ”Hey I will pay engineer to make good human robot to win the match” tell Willy to his team. “Ok, another nice idea” replied Willy. A Kevin and Pete team loses the match and the tournament. Pete was very angry and complains because their team loses with Willy’s team. ”Hey, your tem is cheating is cheating is cheating” shouted Kevin by crying. The school still chose Pete and Kevin team because they know the truth.
    Willy’s gang was very angry and decided to do a most evil trick ever in the world. “Hey tomorrow let’s make Kevin and Pete naked” said Willy friends. “No no I have a better idea. Let’s make the ashamed by tell their secret” said the other friend. “Today we just forgive them” said Willy. The next day Pete and Kevin become more popular until almost the school near the Pete and Kevin school knew Kevin and Pete. “That enough we need to do something to them” said one of Willy gang. “But what can I do.” asked Wily the next day almost every girl in every school know Pete and Kevin. “I quit if you don’t do anything leader” said one of the gang. ”Ok ok I will do something to both of them” replied Willy. “I will make them suffer “said Willy.
    The next day Kevin was trick by Willy. Kevin was really mad to Wily because the school newspaper says Kevin is a playboy. Kevin was fighting with Willy and Willy was injured. “Hey you dare to tell lie to me” shout Kevin. The head master came and gives Kevin two week suspension. “But sir he lied to many people about me” complained Kevin. “Who cares you need to control your emotion “said the head master. “Pete came and explained to the head master. He was right sir I was what happening” said peter quickly.
    The following day the head master gave Willy two week detention. “Ok that enough I will do something” said Willy. The next day Wily decided to kill Pete and Kevin. But someone knew the plan and tells to Pete and Kevin. “Thank you” said Kevin. Kevin trick wily by telling the head master. Then the head master gives 1 week suspension to Willy. After that Willy felt sorry and changed to be a good guy. “Willy since when you become a punk” asked Kevin. “Since my friend influenced me” replied Willy. “Why do you do this” asked Pete. “Because I am jealous with you” replied Willy. Hey if you want to be like us you can be our friend if you wanted to “ask Kevin. “Really, I can” Willy asked back. “Yes, you may” replied Pete. Since that time, Willy become friend with Pete and Kevin

  6. 6

    Spencer Lestiadi said,

    Sir, I’ve done mine and I’ve sent it to ur e-mail.


  7. 7

    Elbert Leander Silabu said,

    Mr B, I have revised mine 5 times. Should I send you all of them?

  8. 8

    Elbert Leander Silabu said,

    now working on my final one

    See you Wednesday

  9. 9

    peter 8b said,

    mr.b what’s your e-mail please reply this beacause i will send my final draft

  10. 10

    Lasmyr Edullantes said,

    Sir, I have sent my final draft to you. Thank you for the template.

  11. 11

    Raymond Gunawan said,

    Sir, i’ve attached mine on the email i’ve sent to you.

    See you on class tomorrow. God Bless.

  12. 12

    Calvin Caleb said,

    Dear Mr Brammer ,
    I have just emailed you my final draft. See you in class tomorrow, have a good evening. God Bless.

  13. 13

    Felicia Mirabel said,

    sir, have you receive my e mail ? thanks.

  14. 14

    William Nanda [BiLL] said,

    sir..I’ve done my final draft…
    but sry to ask this..
    what is your email?

  15. 15

    Jae Wook Park, Wyatt said,

    sir!!! i send the file to you sir!!!

    and friends!!!<—- this is his e-mail!!!

    i am sorry sir that i send it for twise….


  16. 16

    Liberius (Chi Won Lee) said,

    Sir, I am Chiwon and I have revised my story for fives times and few of my friends revised it for me, too, but my story is still 1,340 words with title and the author. Sir, I really don’t know how to decrease my sentences and you know like cut it down to 1,200 words. Sir may I just leave it for now?
    And maybe you can decrease it for me.
    Please sir.

  17. 17

    Sharon Inaray, Eng 10 said,

    Mr.B, I’ve sent my final short story draft.
    hehehe 🙂
    bye sir!

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