Sept. 25, 2008 – English 8, 10


Here’s a quick short story for you.  We’ll call it, “Mr. Brammer and the Case of the Lazy Fingers.”  It goes a little like this,

Once upon a time (what a quality introduction) there lived a greatly feared and greatly loved king, Mr. Brammer.  All throughout the land people quaked with fear at the site of the king.  Yet, the people also felt a great kinship towards their leader.  They never knew how they would feel until the feeling had already come. No matter what, their feelings always resulted in fear or love, but one day they experienced a new feeling: confusion.

Mr. Brammer had always provided for the extra needs of his subjects.  This meant that like most kings he would take care of the basic, day-to-day needs, such as instruction and grading, but he would also go further than his fellow nobleman of the land by providing extra daily communication through the kingdom’s grand blog portal.  However, for nearly an entire week King Mr. Brammer did not blog and his royal subjects did not have that extra communication that they had grown accustomed to.

When one of the king’s pages inquired unto the king as to why the kingdom blog’s pages stood empty for the entire week, the king’s only reply could be the truthful one: the king had developed a very bad case of lazy fingers.  No matter how hard the king would try, the king could just not try very hard because his fingers were so lazy fingers. In fact, the more he fought the laziness, the more lazy his fingers became.  And so, because of his lazy fingers, the king’s subjects grew weary in their need for extra information.

Coming to the rescue of the king and the kingdom people was the Great Set of Yomahat and his side kick Mo who gently reminded the king of his people’s need for information.  For this good deed the Great Set of Yomahat and his side kick Mo were rewarded the much sought after crimson quill and silver clipboard with which they could go on to correct the world with.  And after this time, the King Mr. Brammer always remembered to post to the kingdom’s blog portal or at least until it migrated to after the kingdom’s holiday.

The end.

Here are the handouts from this week:

Active and Passive Voice

Active and Passive Tenses Chart

Simple Present / Present Continuous (and others)

The Present Perfect Continuous

Use Already and Yet in Verb Phrases


5 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Setyo Mahatmo 10 said,

    What a nice story, Sir. Was that me in your story who reminded the king to post the kingdom’s blog? Yes, I think so..
    It’s very clear from the way you write the Great Set in Yomahat and his side kick Mo.

    Anyway, thank you for your information.

  2. 2

    lasmyr edullantes said,

    beautiful story sir. A very shocking reason too. Anyways… Sir, is it ok if I just email you the answers only? I am miles (or kilometers) away from any scanner I can use. sorry sir…


  3. 3

    Hyun Woo Kim said,

    Mr. Brammer
    I sent the final draft about my story.

  4. 4

    Elbert Leander Silabu said,

    sir,i will depart tommorow which will take around 9 hours to arrive. I will get the worksheet on friday or saturday

  5. 5

    Sharon Inaray, Eng 10 said,

    What a fantastic story Mr.B…hahahah
    It’s nice to know that finally the lazy fingers were gone and now the people can continue to get extra information from the blog. Hopefully everyone can understand better and get smarter in the kingdom.:)
    oke then, have a nice holiday sir! God bless!

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